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Marketing (read)

The following marketing avenues will be focused on during post-launch. There are a few things which are not being stated which will be done as a suprise.
  • Youtubers (starting from small niche followers to larger follower base)
  • Telegram channels + buybots in groups
  • Tiktokers + partnership with one of the biggest crypto tiktokers
  • Reddit and Twitter trending
  • Highly targeted Facebook ADs alongside retargeting campaigns
  • Facebook Group posts
  • Google SEO + Google ADs
  • Twitter influencers
  • Poocoin Ads
  • CMC/Dextools/Dexview/Avedex trendings
  • Influencer partnership announcements
  • Worldwide billboards
  • Press-releases
Key is to build mass adoption and virality within a short period of time. Our team is highly confident with the plan we have post-launch to ensure not only is volume at least 1M a day, but also so that new holders and floors are built every day.
If you have read up till here, our team extends our gratitude to you. Take a screenshot of this and look back once we hit our first milestone of 10M. Overconfident? No. Just a well-prepared team with advisors who have been involved with successful projects who may choose to reveal themselves during the course of the project.
See you on the other side fren.